How Using Squeeze Pages Can Boost Your Profits and Memberships

Sales page not converting? Having trouble getting new customers?

Use a "Squeeze Page"!

A squeeze page is a marketing tactic used to direct visitors to a single place, usually a form that they enter their email address into. There are rarely hyperlinks to other pages or websites due to the fact that the only thing the marketer wants the visitor to do is to enter their email address into the form, effectively adding a user to their list.

So you might be asking, how can I get someone to enter their email address into my form? The most effective method of doing this (and this is what most marketers do) is to offer something for free. For example, if you are building a list of people who are interested in building muscle, you may offer them a short report for free that persuades them to sign up to your list, in order to receive it. Of course, this report can either be written by you or it can be outsourced.

Squeeze Page – Creation and Optimization

There are a variety of ways to create squeeze pages, and depending on your level of technical experience, you may either opt to create one from scratch, writing the code yourself (or using a WYSIWYG editor), or utilize an online squeeze page generator. Many squeeze page generators exist on search engines and can be an easy and quick way to get your squeeze page up and running. To find some excellent squeeze page generators, simply type squeeze page generator’ into your favorite search engine.

Elements of an Effective Squeeze Page

There is a general set of elements that most effective squeeze pages have and it is important to incorporate as many of these as possible in order to maximise the amount of people signing up for your list. They are as follows:

  • Headline - This is probably the single most important part of the squeeze page because it is generally the first thing the user reads when they land on the page. You want to have a good headline that captures their attention and makes them beg for more information. See below for more information and examples on headlines. A thick Red font is most effective for headlines.
  • The ‘Hook’ - Give enough information to entice the user but not too much information to distract them from the whole purpose of the page – to capture their email address
  • Reason To Sign Up - The best method to do this is to offer something for free, whether it is a free product, webinar, coaching, etc. As long as you can get the user to perceive the free offer of a high value, then you will be able to persuade them into entering their email address.
  • Bullet Points – Give a short and clear list of benefits and features that the user will get from signing up to your list
  • The Opt-In Form – You are building a list so you need somewhere for the user to input their email address! Make sure that the opt-in form is highly visible so the user does not have to go looking for it.
  • Avoid Scroll Bars – You want to ensure that the squeeze page fits on the screen without the user having to scroll down, hence the name “squeeze page”; squeezing the content into one screen.

Due to the fact that the sole reason for having a squeeze page is to get the user to enter their information, it is important to provide prominent calls to action. Of course, you should have your main call to action button (the form submission button), but it also helps to guide the user directly to where you want them. See the example below:

Also, you must make the benefit extremely obvious. You want to catch the viewer’s attention and instantly entice them into entering their information. Don’t make the user look for the benefit, put it right in their face so they can’t miss it. Usually, this is done via the use of an eye-catching headline that sparks the viewer’s interest. Just make sure what you're offering is quality - otherwise, people will feel ripped off that they provided an email address for something that isn't as valuable to them as first perceived. 

Do note, that many auto responders and systems that hold your list require double opt-ins. This basically means that a user will submit their email (first opt), and then click a “Confirmation Link” in their email (second opt). This ensures that the user is definitely interested in what the marketer has to offer and has not entered their email by mistake and/or is not being misled into subscribing to a list.

See below for some examples of headlines for squeeze pages. Note that several of them address a solution for a problem or issue that a user may be experiencing. It is important to get the user to relate to you.

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What Should My Squeeze Page Offer?

Your squeeze page must provide some sort of benefit to the user in order to get them to enter their email address into the form. Most of the time, this is in the form of a digital download, usually a report or an eBook. The benefits of providing a digital download are as follows:

  • User can download the product instantly after entering their email
  • No reoccurring product creation and delivery costs. Once the product is created (and of course, you can create it yourself at no cost), then the product can be sent to anyone who signs up for the list at no extra cost.

Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to anything you are offering, whether it is free or paid, you should always focus on quality before quantity. There is no sense having a 100 page report that just contains fluff, irrelevant and downright bad quality information. If this is the case - your subscribers will quickly lose both interest and trust in what you have to say and the products you have to offer - even if its free.

The type of content that you provide will vary with different niches, but you always want to ensure that the information is easy to digest, informative and truthful.

Below are a few content ideas that you could create/outsource a free report or guide to offer on your squeeze page. It is suggested that they be 5 – 20 pages in length.

Content Ideas

Fitness Niche:

  • How To Strip 10lbs of Fat In 21 Days
  • 3 Secrets To Explosive Muscle Gain

Internet Marketing Niche:

  • EXPOSED: Powerful Link Building Tactics
  • Ultimate Wordpress Walkthrough

Health Niche:

  • The Greatest Super Food Guide To Fixing Your Health
  • Create Your Own Supplements (also applies to Fitness Niche)

Motor/Cars Niche

  • Secret Home Car Repairs To Save Money
  • Tricks To Extend Your Car’s Life By 5 Years

BE UNIQUE! You want to stand out as much as possible. Make sure you provide a solution.

In summary,  becoming a trustworthy source of valuable information can have exponential gain both short and long term. Remember, every experience with a person is an opportunity to create and/or strengthen the relationship, thus fostering yourbusiness growth for an explosive future. Good luck!

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